International Collections Based in Sacramento, CA

It might seem like international debtors are out of your reach, but Northern California Collection Service Inc. can help. We might be based in Sacramento, but our collection services span the country and the globe. Learn more about how worldwide tracing and global credit reporting can help your business receive the money it's owed.


Receive Owed Payments From Around the Globe

With the help of our global associate offices, Northern California Collection Service Inc. can track down and locate your debtors worldwide. Through full skip tracing, we can find debtors who have suddenly moved with no updated contact information. We also expand standard collections protocols—like notices, phone calls, and asset identification—to other nations. Finally, we offer global credit reporting for many countries around the world.


Avoid Hassle and Trust the Professionals

Pursuing international creditors is beyond the reach of most US-based businesses. It requires considerable funds spent on long distance phone calls and postage, as well as specialized knowledge of other nations' credit, legal, and financial systems. Without this specialization, businesses will have to dedicate time and money to building international partnerships with banks, credit bureaus, or collections agencies in other countries, often with miscommunications caused by language and culture barriers.


When we handle your international collections, however, we are your one point of contact, based here in the USA. Our management team and in-house legal counsel have been in the business since 1963. They have already forged valuable international connections and built up knowledge and experience dealing with other nations' legal and financial institutions. Our company president has even led the American Commercial Collectors Association for the United States, Europe, and Asia. When you partner with us, you can focus on running your business, resting assured that your international debts are in experienced hands.


Don't give up on receiving your money just because your debtors have disappeared overseas. Give us a call at 916-929-7811 and start the international collections process today.