Experienced Commercial Debt Collector in Sacramento, CA

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If your business needs a commercial debt collector, trust the five-plus decades of collections experience of Northern California Collection Service Inc. Our business-to-business collection agency was established in 1963 by our current president, Larry Cassidy, who opened the midtown Sacramento office as a third-year student at the McGeorge School of Law.


Larry has made great contributions to the commercial collection industry. He has served as the chairman and president of several professional credit and collection organizations, and he played a vital role in the introduction of new California state laws regarding debt collection.


A Leading U.S. Collection Agency

Our company began with the mission to represent the many local businesses with debt collection issues. Today, we are one of the leading commercial collection agencies in the state. We now serve a lot of local and national companies, and our list of clients continues to grow.


Representing Businesses and Law Firms

We are experienced in many specialty areas of business-to-business debt collection services. Our clients belong to a wide range of industries, from the wholesale food and beverage sector to media and commercial insurance carriers. We also provide debt collection services for more than 100 law firms. Call for a consultation with Larry Cassidy.


Northern California Collection Service Inc. is a fully bonded and insured company. Call us today at (916) 929-7811 to request a quote for full-service commercial debt collection.