Experienced Collection Attorneys in Sacramento, CA

Northern California Collection Service Inc. offers a full-service commercial collection program to businesses throughout the Sacramento area. We can help set you up with one of our experienced collection attorneys to increase your chances of debt collection success.


Benefits of an In-House Collection Attorney Team

Our in-house collection attorneys provide a variety of benefits for our clients. For instance, our lawyers can help collectors make debt collection attempts out of court. These out-of-court attempts allow us to charge relatively lower rates, which is great for our clients. Utilizing in-house attorneys also helps when the collection agency name doesn’t seem to be enough to get a debtor's attention. Sometimes, a lawyer can help increase the chances that a debtor will respond. Because we have three collection attorneys on staff, we are able to be even more effective and efficient in helping our clients.


Collection Litigation Services

The collection litigation services we provide include more than just court representation. For example, we can advise our clients on the intricate commercial collection laws, ensuring that they are always operating within the confines of the law. This is extremely important, as some debtors and their attorneys may be looking to take advantage of loopholes and mistakes.


We are also able to help our clients strengthen their position against debtors. We can do this by locating and correcting weaknesses in their cases. This increases their chances of winning the case and ultimately receiving the money they are owed.


If you need help recovering funds, give us a call today at (916) 929-7811 to learn more about our services and to request a free quote. Please feel free to check out our FAQ page for more in-depth information on how the collection industry works. You can even contact us during off-hours through our live chat system.