Commercial Collection Services in Sacramento, CA

If your business is struggling to collect outstanding debts, a commercial collection agency can help. Northern California Collection Service Inc. is a leading US collections company with a global reach. We've been in business since 1963, so our experienced team knows the ins and outs of the industry. Learn more about how our services can help you.


Do You Need Commercial Collection Services?

If your customers are stalling on financial obligations, you're waiting on bills that are 90+ days overdue, or you've received returned mail from a debtor's former address, you could likely benefit from a commercial collection agency. Professional companies like Northern California Collection Service Inc. are experienced in the collections industry, so we can find debtors more quickly and efficiently than if you were working alone. If you're struggling to find debtors who have relocated with no forwarding address, we can pick up the trail with full skip tracing. If you've lost track of debtors overseas, we can help locate them with services like global tracing and global credit reporting. If you're certain of your debtors' whereabouts but are spending too much company time and resources sending notices and filing legal documents, then we can help with that as well. By entrusting us with your collections process, you can return your attention to running your business.


What Sets Apart Our Commercial Collection Experience?

Northern California Collection Service Inc. is dedicated to helping our clients with the utmost professionalism. We are fully bonded and insured, and we focus solely on commercial clients. Our three staff lawyers save you the hassle and expense of obtaining your own legal counsel, and our management team has a strong history of leadership in the collections industry. Altogether, this creates a trustworthy, customer-focused collections experience for all of our clients, with the knowledge and efficiency that only a full-service commercial collection company can offer.

To partner with a trusted collections firm today, give us a call at 916-929-7811.