Other Companies We Have Established

Northern California Collection Service in Sacramento, CA has evolved over the years, developing new services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have also established partnerships that eventually led to the formation of 2 more companies.


map of sacramento

Sacramento Valley Board of Trade, Inc. (SVBT)

In 1980, Northern California Collection Service founded SVBT at the request of our clients in the food and beverage industry. After years of success, SVBT has expanded and currently offers credit and collection services to various industries, including media.


SVBT organizes monthly meetings for credit grantors. They discuss mutual clients, credit and collection strategies, and other areas of common interest. Members of SVBT receive accurate and up-to-date credit data that is not available anywhere else.

map of honolulu

Pacific Board of Trade, Inc. (PBOT)

In 1993, PBOT was opened in Hawaii to serve the collection needs of businesses specifically located in the Hawaiian Islands. Today, they represent many of the same industries as Northern California Collection Service.


PBOT provides collection letters and notices, telephone contact, and field calls if necessary. Their corporate office is in Honolulu.

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