Debt Collection Case Expertise in Sacramento, CA

Northern California Collection Service Inc. specializes in commercial collections, offering our clients a full-service program that's specifically designed to maximize recovery efforts. Having three in-house lawyers helps us to help you, freeing up your time that would be spent tracking down an attorney. Our process includes a combination of steps, as needed, and may include collection letters and notices, phone contact, full skip tracing, identifying assets, credit reporting, and judgment collection.


What to Expect From a Debt Collection Case

Once we've researched the debtor and formulated an effective plan, we send out a brief demand letter. When possible, we talk with the debtor to learn more, and what we discover influences the collection approach we take. Here's where persistence works in our favor, and in yours. We use our extensive experience and negotiation skills to collect debts owed to you.


When the judicial system is involved, the plaintiff serves a summons and complaint, and the defendant either files or doesn't file an answer with the court. If an answer is filed, then both parties should try to talk about the case. Next comes the case management review, followed by the trial, and a judgment. If an answer is not filed, then the plaintiff serves and files a request for entry of default. The court enters default, and a judgment is made. All steps will take place within specified time frames. Our in-house attorneys have the expertise to make the whole process move forward as smoothly as possible.


Experienced Debt Collectors

At Northern California Collection Service Inc., we have the experience and dedication it takes to help our clients get favorable results. Our determination often makes the difference, especially in challenging cases where other agencies might give up. We explore every avenue and work meticulously to bring you the results you deserve. Each case is unique, and we have the tenacity, know-how, and professionalism to handle commercial collections effectively. Give us a call today at (916) 929-7811 to discuss how we can help you, or request a free quote online.